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The Dale R. Broadhurst Sites and Major Web-pages
The Oliver Cowdery Memorial Home Page   OliverCowdery.com is dedicated to the life and times of Oliver H. P. Cowdery (1808-1850) and includes home pages for Joseph Smith, William Smith, etc.
Oliver's Bookshelf   Texts possibly germaine to early Mormonism, published or circulated during the lifetime of Oliver H. P. Cowdery (1806-1850)
Joseph Smith's History Vault   Complete texts and excerpts of books, tracts, pamphlets, leaflets, and other publications, possibly germaine to Joseph Smith, Jr. and early Mormonism
Crisis at Kirtland   A work-in-progress on the origin, rise and fall of the Mormons at Kirtland, 1830-1839; with special attention paid to the history of D. P. Hurlbut
Gathering of Israel   The beginnings of a study of 19th Century Prophetic and Millenarian sects; including similarities between Jacob Cochran's Free Brethren and early Mormons
The Sidney Rigdon Memorial Home Page   SidneyRigdon.com is dedicated to the life and times of Rev. Sidney Rigdon (1793-1876) and includes web pages for his Writings, Chronology/History, etc.
Mormon Classics E-Texts Library   This page at SidneyRigdon.com offers numerous links to on-line texts relative to Mormon origins, Mormon History, the Spalding-Rigdon theory, etc.
Rigdon Revealed   A new set of web-pages devoted to elucidating obscurities in Sidney Rigdon's life
Readings in Early Mormon History   "Uncle Dale's" selection of old Mormon newspaper article transcripts (primarily covering the 1830-1860 period in Latter Day Saint History)
The Spalding Studies Web Site   SolomonSpalding.com is dedicated to exploring the Spalding authorship claims for the Book of Mormon --- and uncovering obscure Latter Day Saint origins
Spalding On-Line Documents Library   The on-line resources at SolomonSpalding.com include a general library, a special collections dept., and a research section with Dale's Spalding papers
D. R. Broadhurst's "Spalding Saga"   A work-in-progress on the life and times of Solomon Spalding. The contents (added to occasionally) may one day form the basis for a book on Spalding and his writings.
The Dale R. Broadhurst Home Page   The original gateway to the Dale R. Broadhurst Sites and Major Web-pages (now re-located at SidneyRigdon.com), including the Old Spalding Studies Home Page
Refugees of The Reorganization   Record of a Religious Odyssey -- (see also Dale's  Personal Info Page)