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Peters Cr. Baptist Church - Sidney Rigdon joined in 1817

Rigdon Family History Sources

There is no definitive published Rigdon family history. The genealogy of Sidney Rigdon can only be pieced together from various sources, some of which are rather obscure. The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine and various compilations of Maryland and western Pennsylvania genealogies have sections on that part of the Rigdon family most closely related to the Rev. Sidney S. Rigdon (1793-1876). The two Sidney Rigdon biographies (by McKiernan and by Van Wagoner) provide some helpful information. William H. Whitsitt's 1891 unpublished biography of Sidney Rigdon cites "a Family Bible... now in the possession of his daughter Mrs. Phoebe Dorcas Spear," but disappointingly the biography provides little detailed Rigdon family history. Whitsitt begins his book with these words: "It is conjectured that the family of Sidney Rigdon, the distinguished founder of Mormonism, were of Scotch-Irish extraction." In this the writer was partly correct. Rigdon's father's family were originally from England, but his mother's family included several ancestors from Northern Ireland.

Sidney Rigdon's paternal progenitors are fairly easily traceable back to a certain George Rigdon (c.1683-1761) of Baltimore and Hartford counties in Maryland. This was Sidney Rigdon's Great Grandfather and Sidney's family history essentially begins with him. The Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine of October 1936 contains a seven page extract of Sidney Rigdon's genealogy, but that text tells very little about George Rigdon and his third son, Thomas Baker Rigdon (1713-1787), who was Sidney's paternal Grandfather. Thomas Baker Rigdon lived and died in Maryland: it was his son, William Rigdon (1761-1810) who was a pioneer in that section of Washington Co., Pennsylvania that is now Upper St. Clair Twp., Allegheny Co., PA. William, along with his older brother Thomas Baker Rigdon. Jr., (Sidney's uncle) were among the first Baptist settlers along the "Piney Fork" of the Peters Creek which empties into the Monongahela River just above McKeesport, a southeastern suburb of modern Pittsburgh.

360 acre William Rigdon farm on Piney Fork, in the S. W. corner of Mifflin twp.
-- The map is from 1826, just after Sidney sold his inheritance (yellow portion) --
View Rigdon property location transposed to 1876 area map

The 1936 Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine article details the progeny of William Rigdon and his wife, Agnes "Nancy" Gallagher (1759-1839). The information in the 1936 article forms the basis of the current Sidney Rigdon Genealogy and its contents have been appended to the end of the following Descent Report. Other information has been added from many sources, including some on-line genealogy web-sites. The results are not presented as a complete or an especially accurate report of five generations of "Descendants of George Rigdon," but they do represent an initial attempt at compiling the ancestors, contemporary relatives, and offspring of the Rev. Sidney Rigdon. Additions and corrections will be cheerfully received by the web-site host.

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Descendants of George Rigdon
(c. 1683-1761)
A Gentleman of Maryland

Generation No. 1

  1. GEORGE1 RIGDON was born about 1683 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD, and died January 1761 in Harford, Co., MD. He married ELIZABETH BALTEMAN in about 1703 in Harford Co., MD. George was the Great Grandfather of Rev. Sidney S. Rigdon.

i. CHARLES 2 RIGDON, b. January 31, 1704/05, at St. Georges, Hartford, MD; d. before 1754
ii. ELIZABETH RIGDON, b. February 07, 1707/08, at St. Georges, Hartford, MD; d. before 1754; m. BEAVAN SPAIN, January 06, 1733/34, at St. Georges, Hartford, MD. 
iii. 2 GEORGE JR. RIGDON, b. April 05, 1710, at St. Georges, Hartford, MD; d. after 1754. 
iv. 3 THOMAS BAKER RIGDON, b. April 15, 1713, at St.Georges, Hartford, MD; d. 1787, Bel Air, Hartford, MD. 
v. 4 JOHN RIGDON, b. September 17, 1716, at St. Georges, Hartford, MD; d. 1766, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. 
vi. 5 WILLIAM RIGDON, b. January 17, 1718/19, at St. Georges, Hartford, MD; d. about 1765, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.
vii. ENOCH RIGDON, b. January 04, 1724/25, at St. Georges, Hartford, MD; d. About 1765, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.
viii. STEPHEN RIGDON, b. July 30, 1729, at St. Georges, Hartford, MD; d. after 1754.
ix. ANN RIGDON, b. July 04, 1731, at St. Georges, Hartford, MD; d. December 31, 1739, St. Georges, Hartford, MD.


Generation No. 2 

2. GEORGE JR. 2 RIGDON (GEORGE1) was born April 05, 1710 in St. Georges, Hartford, MD, and died sometime after 1754. He married SARAH THOMPSON December 12, 1734 in St. Georges, Hartford, MD.

The children of GEORGE JR. RIGDON and SARAH THOMPSON were:

i. ANN3 RIGDON, b. June 10, 1735, at St. Georges, Hartford, MD.
ii. GEORGE III RIGDON, b. March 10, 1736/37, at St. Georges, Hartford, MD.
iii. ELIZABETH RIGDON, b. December 17, 1740, at St. Georges, Hartford, MD. 

3. THOMAS BAKER2 RIGDON (GEORGE1) was born April 15, 1713 in St.Georges, Hartford, MD, and died 1787 in Bel Air, Hartford, MD. He married ANN LACY in about 1742 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. The children of THOMAS BAKER RIGDON and ANN LACY were:  i. 6. ALEXANDER3 RIGDON, b. Apr. 12, 1743, in St. Georges, Hartford, MD; d. 1820 in MD 
ii. 7. THOMAS B. JR. RIGDON, b. 1747, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; d. September 1819, Library, Allegheny, PA.
iii. ANN RIGDON, b. December 23, 1748, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; d. March 01, 1825, St. Clair, IL; married Daniel Preston, 1772.
iv. STEPHEN RIGDON, b. 1749, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; d. December 28, 1836. 
v. 8. BENGEMON RIGDON, b. 1753, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; d. Dec. 20, 1828 in Harford Co. MD.
vi. ELIZABETH RIGDON, b. about 1754, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; d. after. 1784. 
vii. 9. MARGARET RIGDON, b. 1756, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; d. after 1797, Beaver Co., PA. 
viii. 10. WILLIAM RIGDON, b. September 07, 1761, St. Georges, Hartford, MD; d. May 27, 1810, Library, Allegheny, PA. 

4. JOHN2 RIGDON (GEORGE1) was born September 17, 1716 in St. Georges, Hartford, MD, and died 1766 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. He married ELIZABETH OACHISSON March 11, 1738/39 in St. Georges, Hartford, MD.

The children of JOHN RIGDON and ELIZABETH OACHISSON were: i. ELIZABETH3 RIGDON, b. January 05, 1740/41, St. Georges, Hartford, MD; died ?
ii. JOHN #1 RIGDON, b. June 18, 1744, St. Georges, Hartford, MD; d. about 1755, St. Georges, Hartford, MD.
iii. ANN RIGDON, b. August 18, 1745, St. Georges, Hartford, MD; died: ?
iv. MARY RIGDON, b. January 25, 1748/49, St. Georges, Hartford, MD; died: ? 
v. 11. BAKER RIGDON, b. July 30, 1750 in Harford Co. MD; d. about 1820 in Harford Co. MD.
vi. MARGARET RIGDON, b. January 03, 1753 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
vii. RUTH RIGDON, b. July 03, 1755, St. Georges, Hartford, MD; died ?
viii. JOHN #2 RIGDON, b. September 11, 1757 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
ix. WILLIAM RIGDON, b. January 03, 1761 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
5. WILLIAM2 RIGDON (GEORGE1) was born January 17, 1718/19 in St. Georges, Hartford, MD, and died about 1765 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. He married MARY PRIBBLE November 10, 1748 in Harford Co. MD.
The children of WILLIAM RIGDON and MARY PRIBBLE were: 
i. ANN3 RIGDON, b. October 24, 1750, probably in Harford Co. MD; died ?
ii. GEORGE RIGDON, b. April 26, 1753, probably in Harford Co. MD; died ?
iii. MARY RIGDON, b. November 06, 1756, probably in Harford Co., MD; died ? 
iv. 12. JAMES RIGDON, b. September 15, 1759, in Harford, Co. MD; d. August 15, 1835, in Fleming Co. KY.


Generation No. 3

  6. ALEXANDER3 RIGDON (THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born April 12, 1743 in St. Georges, Hartford, MD, and died 1820 in MD. He married ANN CLARK December 11, 1781 in Hartford Co. MD.
The children of ALEXANDER RIGDON and ANN CLARK were: i. ANN4 RIGDON, b. 1783, in Harford Co. MD; d. 1845.
ii. ELIZABETH RIGDON, b. September 25, 1785 in MD; d. 1858.
iii. THOMAS BAKER RIGDON, b. about1788 in MD; died ?
7. THOMAS B. JR.3 RIGDON (THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born 1747 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, and died September 1819 in Library, Allegheny, PA. He married MARY _______ sometime after 1767 in PA.
The children of THOMAS B. JR. RIGDON and MARY were:  
i. 13. THOMAS B. III RIGDON, b. 1785, Bel Air, Hartford, MD; d. 1838 in Fayette Co. IL.
ii. CHARLES RIGDON, b. about 1786 in MD or PA; died after 1850, probably in IA. [There may have been another Charles, b. c. 1770, d. young}  
iii. 14. STEPHEN RIGDON, b. about 1788 in PA; d. October 12, 1844 in Fulton Co. IL.
iv. LEAH RIGDON, b. 1791 in Washington (Allegheny) Co. PA; d. July 19, 1838, Library, Allegheny, PA; m. EBENEZER LARIMORE, about 1812, in Allegheny Co. PA. 
v. 15. JOHN RIGDON, b. October 15, 1796 in Allegheny Co. PA; d. March 13, 1859 in Pleasant Hill, Lane, OR.
8. BENGEMON3 RIGDON (THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born 1753 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, and died 1828 in Harford Co. MD. He married ELIZABETH FORWOOD in about 1788 in Hartford Co. MD.
i. THOMAS4 RIGDON, b. 1789 in MD; d. 1815.
ii. 16. STEPHEN RIGDON, b. October 12, 1790 in MD; d. 1836.
iii. SAMUEL FORWOOD RIGDON, b. September 23, 1792 in Harford Co. MD; died ? 
iv. 17. ELY RIGDON, b. 1794 in Harford Co. MD; d. after 1856. 
v. 18. JOHN FORWOOD RIGDON, b. February 22, 1800 in Harford Co. MD; d. after 1828.
vi. HANNAH RIGDON, b. February 10, 1802 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
vii. LACY RIGDON, b. February 17, 1804 in Harford Co. MD; died ? 
viii. 19. BENJAMIN JR. RIGDON, b. January 24, 1806 in Harford Co. MD; d. March 20, 1849 in Harford Co. MD.
ix. ELIZABETH RIGDON, b. December 22, 1808 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
x. LOAMMI RIGDON, b. October 12, 1810 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
xi. SARAH ANN RIGDON, b. June 23, 1813 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
9. MARGARET3 RIGDON (THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born 1756 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, and died after 1797 in Beaver Co. PA. She married ROBERT JR. CLARK, December 4, 1770 in Hartford Co. MD.

Margaret Rigdon Clark was the paternal aunt of Rev. Sidney Rigdon. She was perhaps still living in or near N. Sewickly Twp., Beaver Co., PA when the young Sidney moved there to study Divinity with the Rev. Andrew Clark of Providence Baptist Church in 1818-19. Rev. Clark was probably a close relative of Margaret's husband, Robert Clark. Rev. Andrew Clark began his pastorate at Providence Baptist Church in 1815; he was preceded there by Rev. Thomas Baker Rigdon III (1785-1838), the son of Thomas Baker Rigdon, Jr. (1747-1819). Rev. Thomas Rigdon was Margaret's nephew, as well as the older cousin of Rev. Sidney Rigdon
The children of MARGARET RIGDON and ROBERT CLARK were: 
i. 20. THOMAS BAKER4 CLARK, b. January 28, 1779; d. after 1830.
ii. JAMES CLARK, b. about 1781; died ?
iii. JOHN CLARK, b. about 1783; died ?
iv. WILLIAM CLARK, b. about 1785; died ?
v. DAVID CLARK, b. about 1787; died ?
vi. JOSEPH CLARK, b. about 1789; died ?
vii. STEPHEN CLARK, b. about 1791; died ?
viii. ELIZABETH CLARK, b. about 1793; died ?
ix. ROBERT III CLARK, b. about 1795; died ?
x. LACY CLARK, b. about 1797; died?

Headstone of William Rigdon in Peters Creek Baptist Churchyard
(His marker is under the right hand of Rigdon researcher Dale R. Broadhurst)

10. WILLIAM 3 RIGDON (THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born September 07, 1761 in St. Georges, Hartford, MD, and died May 27, 1810 in Library, Allegheny, PA. He married AGNES "NANCY" GALLAGHER in about 1790 near Library, Alleghney, PA; she was the daughter of BRYANT GALLAGHER and ELIZABETH REID .
The children of WILLIAM RIGDON and "NANCY" GALLAGHER were: 
i. 21. CARVEL4 RIGDON, b. 1790, near Library, Allegheny, PA; d. after 1850, probably in PA. 
ii. 22. LOAMMI RIGDON, b. September 13, 1791, near Library, Allegheny, PA; d. May 10, 1865, probably in OH. 
iii. 23. SIDNEY S. RIGDON, b. February 19, 1793, near Library, Allegheny, PA; d. July 14, 1876, Friendship, Allegany, NY. 
iv. 24. LACY RIGDON, b. 1795, near Library, Allegheny, PA; d. December 31, 1827, Library, Allegheny, PA.
11. BAKER3 RIGDON (JOHN2, GEORGE1) was born July 30, 1750 in Harford Co. MD, and died about 1820 in Harford Co. MD. He married SARA ______ in about 1775 in Harford Co. MD.
The children of BAKER RIGDON and SARA were: 
i. SARAH4 RIGDON, b. about 1781 in Harford Co. MD; died ? 
ii. 25. WILLIAM RIGDON, b. about 1785 in Harford Co. MD; d. after 1828.
iii. ROBERT RIGDON, b. about 1795 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
iv. BAKER JR. RIGDON, b. about 1800 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
v. JEAN RIGDON, b. about 1801 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
12. JAMES3 RIGDON (WILLIAM2, GEORGE1) was born September 15, 1759 in Harford Co. MD, and died August 15, 1835 in Fleming Co. KY. He married REBECCA JARVIS December 30, 1781 in Harford Co. MD.
The children of JAMES RIGDON and REBECCA JARVIS were:
i. ELIZABETH4 RIGDON, b. about 1783; probably in MD; died 1876.
ii. JAMES RIGDON, b. about 1785 in MD or PA; died ?
iii. HANNAH L RIGDON, b. about 1787 in MD or PA; died ? 
iv. 26. WILLIAM RIGDON, b. about 1787 in Washington Co. PA; d. before 1821 in Fleming Co. KY.
v. MARY RIGDON, b. about 1791 in PA or MD; died ?
vi. PRICILLA RIGDON, b. about 1792 in PA or MD; died ?
vii. REBECCA RIGDON, b. 1798 in Hartford Co. MD; d. 1876, Washington Co. IN. 
viii. 27. HESTER "HETTY" RIGDON, b. February 04, 1799 in PA; d. November 13, 1850 in Fleming Co. KY.
ix. ALEXANDER RIGDON, b. about 1808 in Mason Co. KY; died ?
x. JOHN ANDREW RIGDON, b. 1816, in Mason Co. KY; d. after 1858; m. ELIZABETH EASTMAN, July 25, 1841 in Fleming Co. KY.


Generation No. 4 

13. THOMAS B. III4 RIGDON (THOMAS B. JR.3, THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born 1785 in Bel Air, Hartford, MD, and died 1838 in Fayette Co. IL. He married RUTH BAKER about 1804 in PA

According to Amos S. Hayden's 1875 History of the Disciples in the Western Reserve Rev. Thomas Rigdon helped organize Zoar Baptist Church in Youngstown, Trumbull, Ohio on April 19, 1815. Hayden also says, on p. 92 of his book: "This Thomas Rigdon was a man of much prominence as a preacher, and was worthy of the distinction conferred on him. He served with acceptability a term in the Ohio Legislature. There were three brothers, Thomas, John, and Charles, all Baptist ministers. They all fully adopted the views of the reformation [Campbellism], and faithfully defended them. They were cousins of the famous Sidney Rigdon." Rev. Thomas Rigdon appears to have moved across the state line from Beaver Co., PA following the completion of his pastorate at Providence Baptist Church in N. Sewickley Twp. at the end of 1814. In 1815 he preached the first Baptist sermon in Pekin, Stark, Ohio (now in Brown Twp., Carroll Co. At about this same time Thomas and his brothers, Charles and John, were living at Pigeon Run, Tuscarawas Twp. in Stark Co. They were among the founding members of the Baptist church there, the very first Baptist congregation in Stark Co. According to the 1881 History of Stark County, Ohio, "Among the members were... Thomas, Charles, and John Rigdon, and their families, cousins to Elder Sidney Rigdon... They also had a cousin, George [Rigdon]..." By 1820 Charles Rigdon had apparently moved to Illinois. George Rigdon was still in Tuscarawas Twp., but Thomas and John had also seemingly departed. John lived for several years in Ceder Cr. Twp. in Richland Co. and then moved on to rejoin Charles (who had moved to Big Neck Prairie in Fulton Co., Illinois). Thomas moved to Mt. Vernon, Knox. Ohio, and it was probably while living there that he served in the Ohio Legislature. Sometime in the 1830s Thomas moved to Fayette Co., Illinois, where he died in 1838.
The children of THOMAS RIGDON and RUTH BAKER were: 
i. GRAFTON BAKER5 RIGDON, b. June 18, 1806, probably in PA; d. August 18, 1873, Albia, Monroe, IA; m. ELIZABETH W. HARDENBROOK, November 16, 1832, Mt. Gilead, Morrow, OH.
ii. JOHN PORTER RIGDON, b. April 02, 1812, New Lisbon, Columbiana, OH; d. October 11, 1873, in Adair MO.
iii. DAVID BAKER RIGDON, b. about 1815, probably in Stark Co., OH; d. after 1851; m. EVELINE REBECCA GLASS, December 30, 1841 in Fayette Co. IL; they had 3 sons: Loammi Shields, b. 1843, David B., Jr., b. 1849; & Thomas E., b. abt. 1851
iv. MARY RIGDON, b. about 1817, probably in Stark Co., OH; died ?
v. SARAH RIGDON, b. about 1819, in Stark or Knox Co., OH; died ?
vi. THOMAS E. RIGDON, b. 1823, Mt. Vernon, Knox, OH; d. 1897, Bollinger, , MO.
14. STEPHEN4 RIGDON (THOMAS B. JR.3, THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born about 1788 in PA, and died October 12, 1844 in IL. He married JANE LARIMORE in about 1810, probably in Allegheny Co. PA.
The children of STEPHEN RIGDON and JANE LARIMORE were: 
i. HARRISON5 RIGDON, b. December 12, 1812 in Allegheny Co. PA; d. after 1837; m. PRUDENCE PIERSOL, January 12, 1837 in Fulton Co. IL.
ii. RUFUS RIGDON, b. 1817 in Allegheny Co. PA; d. after 1870; m. INDIANA SCOTT, December 08, 1841 in Fulton Co. IL.
iii. CAROLINE RIGDON, b. 1823 in Allegheny Co. PA; died ?
iv. HOWARD RIGDON, b. about 1824 in Allegheny Co. PA; d. after 1842; m. ANNA BEALL, in about 1843 in Fulton Co. IL.
15. JOHN4 RIGDON (THOMAS B. JR.3, THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born October 15, 1796 in Allegheny Co. PA, and died March 13, 1859 in Pleasant Hill, Lane, OR. He married (1) CATHERINE LOGAN December 08, 1818 in Allegheny Co. PA. He married (2) MARY C. LAUGHLIN March 27, 1835, possibly in Allegheny Co. PA. He married (3) MARY BELL July 27, 1837 in Holmes Co. OH.

John Rigdon was a well-known Disciples of Christ evangelist in western Illinois during the 1840s. He began his ministerial training, perhaps, at the Providence Baptist church in N. Sewickley Twp., Beaver Co., PA. John had moved there from PA, at least as early as 1819. It is likely that both he and Sidney Rigdon studied Divinity together under the tutelage of Rev. Andrew Clark in 1818-19. It is possible that Sidney Rigdon lived in his cousin John's house at this time. Shortly thereafter John moved to Pigeon Run, Tuscarawas Twp. in Stark Co. Ohio -- where he and his brothers, Thomas and Charles, were among the founding members of the Baptist church there. By 1820 John had seemingly departed Stark Co., to live for several years in Ceder Cr. Twp., Richland Co,. Ohio and then moved on to rejoin Charles (who had moved to Big Neck Prairie in Fulton Co., Illinois). John served as a traveling Disciples of Christ minister in the area south of Hancock Co., IL, where his cousin Sidney Rigdon moved early in 1839. In fact, before Sidney relocated to what later became the Mormons' Nauvoo, he appears to have lived briefly alongside John's family in Fulton Co. Sometime in the 1840s John Rigdon relocated to Oregon, where he died in 1859.
The children of JOHN RIGDON and CATHERINE LOGAN were: 
i. MARY5 RIGDON, b. June 21, 1820, Ceder Cr., Richland, OH; d. Aft. 1837; m. GEORGE LAUGHLIN, January 17, 1837, Fulton Co. IL.
ii. NANCY LACEY RIGDON, b. December 23, 1821, Ceder Cr., Richland, OH; d. Aft. 1850; m. ADCHISON ?? BLACK, September 11, 1850.
iii. THOMAS JEFFERSON RIGDON, b. September 16, 1824, in Ceder Cr., Richland, OH; d. October 01, 1854, Jacksonville, Jacksonville, OR; m. ANNA TOWNSEND, November 28, 1841 in Fulton Co. IL; They had 4 children: Artillisa, b. 1843; Amanda L., b. 1847; Winifred T., b. 1849; & George G., b. 1850.
iv. SERLINA PAGE RIGDON, b. November 03, 1826, Ceder Cr., Richland, OH.
v. STEPHEN RIGDON, b. May 11, 1829, Ceder Cr., Richland, OH; d. after 1903, Oregon; m. ZELPHA BRISTOW, June 1843, probably in IL
vi. MARIA JANE RIGDON, b. August 11, 1831, Ceder Cr., Richland, OH; died ?'; m. ADDISON ?? BLACK, September 11, 1850, probably in OR
vii. CATHARINE RIGDON, b. June 12, 1834 in Fulton Co. IL; d. after 1853; m. JAMES F. SEVERIN, July 22, 1853 in OR.

The children of JOHN RIGDON and MARY BELL were: 
viii. JOHN BELL5 RIGDON, b. April 30, 1838 in Fulton Co. IL; died ?
ix. PHEBE ELLEN RIGDON, b. January 08, 1840 in Fulton Co. IL; died ?
x. JOEL LUTHER RIGDON, b. October 23, 1843 in Fulton Co. IL; died ?
xi. CORDELLA LOUISA RIGDON, b. November 22, 1844 in Fulton Co. IL; died ?
xii. GEORGE HARVEY RIGDON, b. May 18, 1848 in IL or OR; died ?
xiii. DAVID ALVIN RIGDON, b. June 18, 1850 in IL or OR; died ?
xiv. FIDELIA ADALINE RIGDON, b. October 24, 1853 in OR; died ?.
16. STEPHEN4 RIGDON (BENGEMON3, THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born October 12, 1790 in MD, and died in 1836, probably in MD. He married MARTHA AMOSS in 1813 in Harford Co. MD.
The children of STEPHEN RIGDON and MARTHA AMOSS were: 
i. MARANDA DEFLORA5 RIGDON, b. 1813 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
ii. ELIZABETH RIGDON, b. 1818 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
iii. BENJAMIN RIGDON, b. 1821 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
iv. LACY A. RIGDON, b. 1823 in Harford Co. MD; died ?
v. ROBERT AMOSS RIGDON, b. February 27, 1825 in Harford Co. MD; d. after. 1852; m. HELEN D. BAILEY, February 20, 1852 in Harford Co. MD.
vi. JAMES RIGDON, b. about 1827 in Harford Co. MD; died?
vii. SARAH RIGDON, b. about. 1830 in Harford Co. MD; died?
17. ELY4 RIGDON (BENGEMON3, THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born 1794 in Harford Co. MD;, and died after 1856. He married HARRIET SLATER, October 22, 1833 in Spencer Twp., Guernsey Co. OH.
The children of ELY RIGDON and HARRIET SLATER were: 
i. JAMES S.5 RIGDON, b. August 12, 1834, probably in Guernsey Co. OH; died?
ii. JOSEPH RIGDON, b. About 1837, probably in Guernsey Co. OH died?
iii. ROBERT RIGDON, b. About 1841, probably in OH; died?
iv. SARAH RIGDON, b. About 1844, probably in OH; died?
v. SAMANTHA RIGDON, b. About 1845, probably in OH; died?
vi. HANNAH RIGDON, b. About 1848, probably in OH; died?
vii. MARY F. RIGDON, b. About 1856, probably in OH; died?
18. JOHN FORWOOD4 RIGDON (BENGEMON3, THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born February 22, 1800 in Harford Co. MD, and died after 1828. He married SARAH WEEKS in about 1826.
The only child of JOHN RIGDON and SARAH WEEKS was:
i. LOAMMI5 RIGDON, b. about 1828; died ?
19. BENJAMIN JR.4 RIGDON (BENGEMON3, THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born January 24, 1806 in Harford Co. MD, and died March 20, 1849 in Harford Co. MD. He married MARY Y. WATTERS January 13, 1847 in Harford Co, MD.
The only child of BENJAMIN RIGDON and MARY WATTERS was:
i. GEORGE BENJAMIN5 RIGDON, b. February 07, 1848; died ?
20. THOMAS BAKER4 CLARK (MARGARET3 RIGDON, THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born January 28,1779, and died after 1830. He married MARTHA WILEY about 1820, probably in MD.
The only child of THOMAS CLARK and MARTHA WILEY was:
i. LACY JANE5 CLARK, b. November 28, 1830; died ?
21. CARVEL4 RIGDON (WILLIAM3, THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born in 1790 near Library, Allegheny, PA, and died there between 1850 and 1860. He married SARAH BOYER, the daughter of JAMES BOYER and ANN BLACKMORE about 1815 near Library, Allegheny, PA.

A few years after his father's death, Carvel Rigdon, married and moved onto his own farm near the William Rigdon homestead. According to an article in the LDS Millennial Star (16:26, p. 835) Carvel Rigdon was converted to Mormonism by his brother Sidney and joined the Church in May 1831. Carvel had been ordained an elder before the end of 1834: see the Jan. 23, 1835 letter of "Elder Carvel Rigdon" published in the LDS Messenger and Advocate, I:5 (Feb. 1835). See also Carvel's name among the list of elders published in the Dec. 1836 issue of the Messenger and Advocate, (III:3). Carvel took an active interest in his brother Sidney's Mormon splinter group, formed in Pittsburgh in the fall of 1844, eventually bankrupting himself and losing his farm while trying to help fund Sidney's religious adventure. For his trouble Carvel was ordained the Patriarch of that little church and was authorized to collect fifty cents for every blessing he bestowed upon its members. Carvel's grave is located in the Rigdon-Boyer plot at the Peters Creek Baptist Church in Library, PA.
The children of CARVEL RIGDON and SARAH BOYER were: 
i. JAMES B.5 RIGDON, b. about 1817 in Allegheny Co., PA; d. after 1850; m. SARAH _____, about 1843 in PA; They had 3 children: William B., b. c. 1844; Samuel, b. c. 1846; & Jane, b. c. 1849.
ii. WILLIAM RIGDON, b. about 1820 in Allegheny Co., PA; died ?
iii. LACY RIGDON, b. about 1821 in Allegheny Co., PA; m. GRIFFEN A. SIMPSON, about 1845; died ?
iv. ANNA RIGDON, b. about 1824 in Allegheny Co., PA; died ?; m. ALEXANDER THOMPSON SIMPSON, about 1850.
v. NANCY RIGDON, b. about 1828 in Allegheny Co., PA; d. after 1850.
vi. JOHN W. RIGDON, b. about 1830 in Allegheny Co., PA; d. April 18, 1834, in Allegheny Co., PA.
vii. LOUISA RIGDON, b. about 1833 in Allegheny Co., PA; d. after 1850.
viii. LOAMMI RIGDON, b. about 1836 in Allegheny Co., PA; d. after 1850.
ix. SARAH E. RIGDON, b. About 1838 in PA; d. after 1850.

22. LOAMMI4 RIGDON (WILLIAM3, THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born September 13, 1791, and died May 10, 1865 in Hamilton, Butler, OH. He married REBECCA WHITE DUNLEVY, the daughter of "Judge" FRANCIS DUNLEVY and MARY CRAIG, October 09, 1815 in Turtle Creek, Warren, OH.

"Dr. Loammi Rigdon, was born in Pennsylvania, September 30, 1791, and graduated in medicine at Transylvania Medical College, Lexington, Kentucky, in [1813]. He practiced for eleven years in Wilmington, [Clinton Co.] Ohio, and removed to Lebanon [Warren Co., Ohio] in 1824. In March, 1826, he came to Hamilton, and entered into partnership with Dr. John C. Dunlevy. Early in 1834 Dr. Dunlevy removed to Labanon, and in October of that year, Dr. Rigdon took into partnership, for a term of three years, Dr. Cyrus Falconer. October 9, 1815, he was married to Rebecca Dunlevy, the oldest daugher of Judge Francis Dunlevy. He died in the 10th of May, 1865. In all the active years of his professional life, he had a large medical practice. He was for many years a respected member of the Baptist Church, and died full of honors, as of years... Dr. Loammi Rigdon, after the death of Dr. Daniel Millikin, was the senior physician in Hamilton [Butler Co., OH] in active practice..." (from A History and Biographical Cyclopedia of Butler County, Ohio, 1882, pp. 188-190.) The only child of LOAMMI RIGDON and REBECCA DUNLEVY was: FRANCIS DUNLEVY5 RIGDON, b. May 15, 1819, Wlimington, Clinton, OH; d. after 1860, in Atlanta, Fulton, GA; m. LYDIA MORROW SPIER, January 18, 1855, probably in Ohio.  
23. SIDNEY S.4 RIGDON (WILLIAM3, THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE<1) was born February 19, 1793 near Library, Allegheny, PA, and died July 14, 1876 in Friendship, Allegany, NY. He married PHEBE big>BROOKS, the adopted daughter and niece of Rev. JEREMIAH BROOKS and DORCAS SMITH on June 12, 1820 in Warren, Trumbull, OH (Phebe reportedly was the cousin and adopted sister of Mary Brooks, the wife of Rev. Adamson Bentley; their other siblings were Richard, Sarah and Jeremiah, Jr. This family's history is an obscure one: it is possible that it was Phebe who was the true daughter and Mary was the one adopted by the Brooks family).

In her multi-volume Membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1830-1848, Susan Easton Black provides this information on Sidney Rigdon: "Baptism: November 14, 1830; Ordained High Priest: June 3, 1831; Patriarchal Blessing: September 13, 1835... Sidney preached in Ohio and New York. He became a preacher in his youth and afterwards, together with Alexander Campbell, founded the sect known as "Campbellites" or "The Disciples", and while engaged in teaching Campbellite doctrines in and near his residence in Mentor, Geauga County, Ohio, in 1830, he became a convert to "Mormonism" through reading the Book of Mormon. He immediately commenced to preach the true Gospel of Christ. He filled a number of other missions for the Church, being called by revelation to preach. He acted as First Counselor to Joseph Smith from 1833 to 1844. After the Prophet's martyrdom he attempted to become guardian of the Church, but was excommunicated. He endeavored to build up a church of his own, in or near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania... Sidney, called by revelation on a mission to Missouri, traveled with the Prophet Joseph Smith and others to that State and assisted in founding the colony of the Saints in Jackson County, Missouri, and then returned to Kirtland, Ohio. Sidney accompanied the Prophet Joseph Smith on his visit to Missouri and rendered the Prophet considerable aid in making the organization of the Church in Missouri more perfect. Sidney labored in Ohio and raised up a Church in Medina County,Ohio... traveled and preached in New York to get volunteers for Zion's camp... filled a special mission to Canada, together with Joseph Smith and Freeman Nickerson... was called to take a special mission to Strongville, Ohio... accompanied Joseph Smith on his special mission to Washington, D. C., and also did considerable preaching in Pennsylvania and New Jersey... accompanied Joseph Smith to Missouri. Sidney accompanied the Prophet Joseph Smith on his mission to the Eastern States.... Sidney's father was a farmer and had three sons, Carvil, Loami and Sidney, and a daughter Lucy [sic]. When Sidney was seventeen years old, his father died, and when he was twenty-six years of age his mother also passed away. In his twenty-fifth year he bacame a member of the society of "Regular Baptists," and the next year he left the farm and went to live with Andrew Clerk, a Baptist preacher. While there, Sidney received a license and commenced to preach, and after March, 1819, he gave up farming altogether. In May, 1819, he went to Trumbull county, Ohio, and while living with Adamson Bentley, another Baptist preacher, he became acquainted with Phebe Brook, a native of Bridgetown, Cumberland county, New Jersey, who he married. He continued to preach in thet region until November, 1821, when he left Warren to take charge of the First Baptist Church in Pittsburg, where he preached with considerable success, and the church soon rose from a very low, confused state to a rapid increase of members, and to be one of the most respectable churches of the city. He became a most popular preacher, but after a while he was greatly perplexed with the idea that the doctrines taught by the church with which he was connected was not altogether in accordance with Scripture, and after great deliberation and reflection and solemn prayer he resolved to follow his convictions; and in August, 1823, he announced to the members of the church that he had determined to withdraw from it, as he could no longer uphold its doctrines. In consequence of his great popularity, this unexpected announcement caused amazement, sorrow and tears to his congregation. At that time Alexander Campbell, a native of Ireland, was a member of the Baptist association, but he afterwards separated from it. Walter Scott, a native of Scotland, and a printer by trade, also left it about the same time. After leaving the baptist church, these three gentlemen, being very friendly, often met together to discuss religious topics. Eventually, from this connection, sprang a church, the members of which called themselves "Disciples," but which are generally known as Campbellites. For the maintenance of his family, Sidney Rigdon labored for two years as a tanner, after which he removed to Bainbridge, Geuaga County, Ohio, where he was solicited to preach, it having become known that he had been a popular preacher. Thenceforth he devoted himself to the work of the ministry, confining himself to no special creed, but holding the Bible as his rule of faith and advocating repentance and baptism for the remission of sins and the gift of the Holy Ghost-doctrines which he and Alexander Campbell had been investigating. He labored in thet vicinity one year with much success, and built up a large and respectable church at Mantua, Portage County, Ohio. His doctrines were new, and crowded houses assembled to hear him, though some opposed and ridiculed his doctrines. He was then pressingly invited to remove to Mentor, an enterprising town, about thirty miles from Bainbridge, and near Lake Erie, which he did soon afterwards. At this place there were remnants of a Baptist church, the members of which became interested in his doctrines. But many of the citizens were jealous of him and slanderous reports were circulated concerning him... Sidney was jailed in Liberty Jail the winter of 1838-39... was excommunicated August 13, 1843... was a member of the Nauvoo 1st ward... entered the Masonite [Masonic] Order March 15, 1842..."
The children of SIDNEY RIGDON and PHEBE BROOKS were: 
i. ATHALIA5 RIGDON, b. 1821, Warren, Trumbull, OH; d. after 1900; probably in NY; m. GEORGE W. ROBINSON, April 13, 1837, Kirtland, Geauga, OH; They had 3 children: Athalia, b. 1846; Cora, b. 1848; and Georgia, b. 1855.
ii. NANCY G. RIGDON, b. December 08, 1822, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA; d. November 01, 1887, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA; m. ROBERT JR. ELLIS, September 13, 1846, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA; They had 9 children: Maragaret Allen, b. 1847; Phoebe Brooks, b. 1822; Elva Viola, b. 1851; Frank Glenthorn, b. 1855; Robert Sidney, b. 1857; Sanuel Marshall, b. 1858; and Charles Colvin, b. 1862;
iii. ELIZA RIGDON, b. 1823, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA; d. 1845, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.
iv. SARAH RIGDON, b. 1825 in PA (probably in Allegheny Co.); d. 1877, in Allegany Co., NY; m. EDWARD BRADLEY WINGATE, About 1849; in Allegany Co. NY; They had one child: Antoinette "Nettie" Wingate, b. 1850.
v. ALGERNON "SID" RIGDON, b. July 4, 1828, Mentor, Geauga, OH; d. after 1893, probably in Allegany Co., NY; m. Annis Bradley Oct. 19, 1854 in Cuba Twp., Allegany, NY; They had 2 children: Walter Sidney Rigdon, b. c. 1856 and George R. Rigdon, b. c. 1858.
vi. JOHN WICKLIFFE RIGDON, b. June 14, 1830, Mentor, Geauga, OH; d. April 05, 1912, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT; m. SOPHIA J. COLE, December 12, 1861 in Allegany Co. NY; They had 3 children: Genevive Aurelea, b. 1862; Ralph W., b. 1863; and Josephine Ellenor, b. 1876
vii. LACY ANN RIGDON, b. about 1828 in Mentor, Geauga, OH; d. April 15, 1877, probably in NY; m. JEREMIAH JR. HATCH, about 1847 in NY; They had four children: Clarence Boaz, b. 1848, d. 1848?; Charles, b. 1850, d. 1850; Edward Wingate, b. 1852; and Clarence Sheldon, b. 1854.
viii. SAMUEL CARVEL RIGDON, b. December 29, 1834, Kirtland, Geauga, OH; d. January 16, 1835, Kirtland, Geauga, OH (see LDS Messenger and Advocate, I:4, Jan. 1835)
ix. PHEBE DORCAS RIGDON, b. February 21, 1836, Kirtland, Geauga, OH; d. after 1864; probably in Allegany Co., NY; d. after 1864; m. SAMUEL E. SPEARS, about 1860, in Allegany Co., NY; They had two children: Evelyn, b. 1862; and Maude, b. c. 1864.
x. HORTENSIA ANTOINETTE RIGDON, b. 1838, probably in Caldwell Co., MO; d. 1853.
xi. EPHRAIM ROBINSON MARKS RIGDON, b. 1842, Hancock Co., IL; d. Feb 27, 1886, Friendship, Allegany, NY; m. ALICE D. WRIGHT, Sep. 5, 1871; They had one child who appears to have died as an infant. 

More information on #23-v.: Algernon "Sid" Rigdon and his family:

The William Adams' 1893 Historical Gazetteer and Biographical Memorial of Cattaraugus Co. NY provides the following information in Chapter XIX: "History of the Town of Carrolton" (pp. 480-81):
Algernon Sidney Rigdon, son of Sidney, was born in Mentor, Ohio, July 4, 1828. The family emigrated with teams to Missouri when he was nine years of age. A year later they removed to Illinois, whence after six years' residence, they settled in Pittsburg, Pa. A. S. came to Friendship, Allegany county in 1847, and was employed on the Erie railroad from 1859 until 1874, whence he removed from Cuba to Carrolton village and has since been the efficient agent of that station. Mr. Rigdon is a staunch Democrat, prominent in his party, a competent and popular citizen, but has constantly refused to accept town office. October 19, 1854, he married Annis Bradley, of Cuba. They have two sons: Walter S., station agent at Dayton, and George R., manager for the Postal Telegraph Company at Scranton, Pa."
Note: A "Walter S. Rigdon" is known to have died in Pinellas, Florida in 1944. It is thought that he may have been the son of Walter Sidney Rigdon.

Algernon "Sid" Rigdon, the fifth child of the Rev. Sidney Rigdon, is frequently mentioned in his brother's (John W. Rigdon's) biography of their father (now on file in the LDS Historian's Library in Salt Lake City). In a c. 1901 lecture, John W. Rigdon says: "in 1863 my health failed & I went west with my brother and a company." How long Sid Rigdon remained in the west, John does not say; John apparently left him in the mines of Idaho and spent the winter of 1863-64 in Salt Lake City.

In the Dale R. Broadhurst Papers at the Marriott Library may be found a photocopy of an 1888 news clipping titled: "The 'Golden Bible,'" the original of which is on file at the New York Public Library. It was clipped from the Salt Lake Tribune of Apr. 15, 1888. The article reads as follows:
Sidney Rigdon's Grandson Says Their Family Understood it to be a Fraud -- EDITOR TRIBUNE: -- In the intervals of my literary labors here I have many talks with men who were in Utah at a very early day, and occasionally with original Mormons or their sons, which would be interesting had I the time to detail them. But my chance talks with one of these are so agreeable that I report him briefly for you. Mr. Walter Sidney Rigdon is a citizen of Carrolton, Cattaraugus County, N. Y., and a grandson of Sidney Rigdon, thepartner of Joe Smith. He talked with old Sidney hundreds of times about the "scheme of the Golden Bible." and his father still has many of the old Sidney's documents.

"Grandfather was a religious crank," says Mr. Rigdon, "till he lost money by it. He started in as a Baptist preacher, and had a very fine congregation for those days, in Pittsburg. There was no reason at all for his leaving, except that he got "cracked." At that time he had no ideas of making money. Indeed, while he was with the Mormons, his chances to make money were good enough for most men; but he came out of it about as poor as he went in."

B. -- "But how did he change first?"

"Well, he tried to understand the prophicies, and the man who does that is sure to go crazy. He studied the prophets and baptism, and of course he got [enough?] [Daniel?} and Ezekiel and Revelation [to] 'rattle' any man who gives [in his] mind to 'em -- at any rate [they got] him, and he joined Alexander Campbell. Campbell then [taught that] the end of the world was [nigh]. [His] Millennial Harginger [thoroughly] 'rattled' all who listened to him in Ohio and other places; [then] grandfather got disgusted and [ducked out?] [of] the new deal. He 'found' Joe Smith and they had a great many talks together before they brought out the [plates]. None of us ever doubted that they got the whole thing up; but [father?] always maintained that grandfather helped get up the original Spaulding book. At any rate he got a copy [very] early and schemed on some way to make it useful. Although the family knew these facts, they refused to talk on the subject while grandfather lived. In fact, he and they took on [a] huge disgust at the whole subject.

Grandfather died at Friendship, Alleghany county, N. Y. in 1876, [age] eighty years old. His son Sidney, my father, was born at Mentor in 1828 and remembers the stirring [times of] Mormonism. He lives [where I know] Grandfather had preached to his [near] neighbors in Alleghany and [taken the] converts to Nauvoo, so after the break up in 1844, he returned to live at Friendship. For a while he spoke of Mormonism as an attempt to [improve] Christianity; but the later [phases] of the thing in Utah were totally different from what he had taught. His daughter Nancy Rigdon is now Mrs Ellis of Pittsburgh, and her husband is a journalist in that city. Her testimony against Joe Smith is very strong. The Prophet was no doubt a thoroughly bad man, etc."

I only report that part of Mr. Rigdon's talk which shows the history of the "Golden Bible," as accepted in the family. Of course, if Sidney Rigdon had wanted the world to believe the Smith story of the plates, he would have told them so. But, though the family do not care to ventillate it, he evidently taught them to treat the whole thing as a fraud. -- J. H. Bradley. -- New York, April 7, 1888.
24. LACY4 RIGDON (WILLIAM3, THOMAS BAKER2, GEORGE1) was born 1795 in Library, Allegheny, PA, and died December 31, 1827 in Library, Allegheny, PA. She married PETER BOYER, the son of JAMES BOYER and ANN BLACKMORE, in about 1816 near Library, Alleghney, PA.

Peter Boyer was apparently converted to Mormonism, along with his late wife Lacy's mother, her brother Carvel and his wife (Peter's own sister, Sarah Boyer, Rigdon) at Library, PA in May 1831, under the proselytizing of Elder Sidney Rigdon. Peter Boyer, was still living in Upper St. Clair Twp., Allegheny Co., PA when the 1840 census was taken. He may have subsequently lived briefly at La Harpe, Hancock Co., IL in the early 1840s, returning to Allegheny Co., PA by mid-1843. Peter Boyer was an Elder and member of the High Council in Sidney Rigdon's Mormon splinter group in and around Pittsburgh after the summer of1844. He later returned to the Baptist faith, died after 1879, and was buried in the Peters Creek Baptist Church cemetary at Library, PA.
The children of LACY RIGDON and PETER BOYER were: 
i. WILLIAM RIGDON5 BOYER, b. November 25, 1818, Library, Allegheny, PA; died ?
ii. SARAH BOYER, b. about 1820, Library, Allegheny, PA; died ?
iii. NANCY BOYER, b. about 1824, Library, Allegheny, PA; died ?
iv JAMES BOYER, b. about 1825, Library, Allegheny, PA; died ?
v. LOAMMI BOYER, b. about 1826, Library, Allegheny, PA; died ?
vi. SIDNEY BOYER, b. about 1827, Library, Allegheny, PA; died ?
25. WILLIAM4 RIGDON (BAKER3, JOHN2, GEORGE1) was born about 1785 in Harford Co. MD, and died after 1828. He married ELLEN HENDERSON in 1823 in Harford Co. MD.
The children of WILLIAM RIGDON and ELLEN HENDERSON were:
i. EVELINE5 RIGDON, b. 1824 in Harford, Co. MD; d. 1900.
ii. FRANKLIN RIGDON, b. 1827 in Harford, Co. MD; died ?
26. WILLIAM4 RIGDON (JAMES3, WILLIAM2, GEORGE1) was born about 1787 in Washington Co. PA, and died between 1814 and 1821 in Fleming Co. KY. He married ELIZABETH JANE DONAVAN October 27, 1802 in Mason, KY. The children of WILLIAM RIGDON and ELIZABETH DONAVAN were:
i. FRANCIS MARION5 RIGDON, b. about 1803 in Mason, KY; d. about 1881 in Parke Co. IN; m. ROSEANNAH MAYFIELD, August 30, 1836 in Garrard Co. KY; They had 9 children: John, b. 1837; Thomas R., b. 1841; Allen, b. 1842; Micajah, b. 1844; Emily. b. 1844; Francis M., Jr., b. 1846; Mary Jane, b. 1849; Samantha E., b. 1853; & Susan M, b. 1854
ii. MARIA RIGDON, b. 1804 in KY; died ?
iii. CAROLINE RIGDON, b. 1807 in KY; died ?
iv. WILLIAM JR. RIGDON, b. about 1808 in KY; died ?
v. MARTHA ANN RIGDON, b. about 1810 in KY; died ?
vi. STEPHEN RIGDON, b. about 1812 in KY; died ?
vii. TELITHA RIGDON, b. about 1814 in KY; died ?
27. HESTER "HETTY"4 RIGDON (JAMES3, WILLIAM2, GEORGE1) was born February 04, 1799 in PA, and died November 13, 1850 in Fleming Co. KY. She married WILLIAM B. CALVERT, December 15, 1815 in Fleming Co. KY.
The children of HESTER RIGDON and WILLIAM CALVERT were:
i. JAMES M.5 CALVERT, b. November 16, 1816 in Nicholas, KY; d. June 29, 1861 in Rowan, KY.
ii. WILLIAM CALVERT, b. August 22, 1818, in Nicholas, KY; d. February 28, 1881, in Kansas City, KA;
iii. HARRIET CALVERT, b. February 14, 1820 in Rowan, KY; d. November 13, 1863 in Rowan, KY.
iv. VINCENT CALVERT, b. January 26, 1824 in Nicholas, KY; d. after 1844.
v. CORILLA CALVERT, b. March 27, 1826 in KY; d. after 1844.
vi. NANCY CALVERT, b. November 18, 1828 in KY; d. after 1848.
vii. FRANCIS MARION CALVERT, b. April 28, 1830, in Bath, KY; d. after 1848.
viii. BURGESS D. CALVERT, b. February 14, 1832 in Nicholas, KY; d. October 28, 1923, Tollesboro, Lewis, KY.
ix. SPENCER CALVERT, b. October 12, 1836; died ?
x. MARSHALL CALVERT, b. October 13, 1838; died ?
xi. SANFORD CALVERT, b. February 17, 1843; d. about 1863, Battle of Pea Ridge.
xii. GEORGE CALVERT, b. August 23, 1844; d. after 1850 in MO.


Descendants of George Rigdon:
Index of Names

Martha Amoss c.1793-aft.1830  

Helen D. Bailey c.1830-aft.1852   Ruth Baker c.1785-aft.1823   Elizabeth Balteman c.1685-aft.1761   Anna Beall c.1825-aft.1842   Mary Bell 1807-1889   Adamson Bentley 1785-1864   Adchison Black c.1820-Aft. 1850   Addison Black c.1820-?   Ann Blackmore c.1766-aft.1800   Anna Boyer 1788-? James Boyer c.1765-aft.1800   James Boyer c.1825-?   John Boyer 1789-? Loammi Boyer c.1826-?   Nancy Boyer c.1824-?   Peter Boyer c.1793-aft.1850   Samuel Boyer 1791-? Sarah Boyer 1797-Aft. 1850   Sarah Boyer c.1820-?   Sidney Boyer 1827-?   William Boyer 1800-? William Rigdon Boyer 1818-?   Zelpha Bristow c.1828-1903   Jeremiah Brooks 1754-1834   Jeremiah Jr. Brooks 1796-1865   Mary Brooks c.1788-?   Phebe Brooks 1800-1866   Richard Sibley Brooks c. 1790-?   Sarah Brooks c.1703-1838   Martha Clark Buchanan WFT Est. 1783-1805 WFT Est. 1826-1894

Sidney C. Callahan 1833-? Burgess D. Calvert 1832-1923   Corilla Calvert 1826-aft.1844   Francis Marion Calvert 1830-aft.1848   George Calvert 1844-?   Harriet Calvert 1820-1863   James M. Calvert 1816-1861   Marshall Calvert 1838-?   Nancy Calvert 1828-aft.1848   Sanford Calvert 1843-Abt. 1863   Spencer Calvert 1836-?   Vincent Calvert 1824-aft.1844   William Calvert 1818-1881   William B. Calvert 1791-1863   Ann Clark c.1700-Aft. 1736 Ann Clark 1743-aft.1788   David Clark c.1787-?   Elizabeth Clark c.1793-?   James Clark c.1781-?   John Clark c.1783-?   Joseph Clark c.1789-?   Lacy Clark c.1797-?   Lacy Jane Clark 1830-?   Robert Clark c.1725-? Robert III Clark c.1795-?   Robert Jr. Clark c.1757-Aft. 1797   Stephen Clark c.1791-? Thomas Baker Clark 1779-aft.1830   William Clark c.1785-?   Sophia J. Cole 1841-1916   Mary Craig c.1772 -Aft. 1800  

Elizabeth Jane Donavan c.1790-Bef. 1850   Anthony H. Dunlevy c.1792-? Francis Dunlevy c.1779-Aft. 1800   James Harvey Dunlevy c.1798-1827 Jane Dunlevy c.1797-? John Craig Dunlevy c.1800-1834 Maria Dunlevy c.1795-? Rebecca White Dunlevy c.1794-aft.1820  

Elizabeth Eastman c.1821-aft.1858   Charles Colvin Ellis 1862 Elva Viola Ellis 1851-? Frank G. Ellis 1855-? John Clarke Ellis 1865-? Margaret Allen Ellis 1847-? Phoebe Brooks Ellis 1849-? Robert Jr. Ellis 1823-1893   Robert Sidney Ellis 1857-? Samuel M. Ellis 1858-? Sarah Wingate Ellis 1865-?

Elizabeth Forwood 1769-1857  

Agnes "Nancy" Gallagher 1759-1839 Bryant Gallagher c.1729-aft.1761   Ebenezer Gallagher c.1753-? James 1 Gallagher c.1751-? James 2 Gallagher c.1761-? John Gallagher c.1755-? Lewis Gallagher c.1759-? William Gallagher 1749-? Eveline Rebecca Glass c.1818-aft.1851  

Elizabeth W. Hardenbrook c.1812-aft.1832   Charles Hatch 1850-1850 Clarence B. Hatch 1848-? Clarence Sheldon Hatch 1854-? Edward Wingate Hatch 1852-? Jeremiah Jr. Hatch 1819-1862   Ellen Henderson 1790-1849  

Rebecca Jarvis c.1766-aft.1816  

Mary Kimball c.1735-?

Ann Lacy c.1721-1797   Ebenezer Larimore c.1788-aft.1812   Jane Larimore c.1790-?   George Laughlin c.1818-aft.1837   Mary C. Laughlin 1800-1836   Catherine Logan 1798-1834  

Roseannah Mayfield 1816-c.1881  

Elizabeth Oachisson c.1720-aft.1781  

Prudence Piersol c.1817-aft.1837   Daniel Preston c.1746-?   Mary Pribble 1726-aft.1761  

Elizabeth Reid c.1732-aft.1761   Isabella Reid c.1734-? James Reid c.728-? Jane Reid c.1736-? Jennette Reid 1720-? John Reid c.1698-1770 John Jr. Reid 1723-?

Rigdon: A
Alexander Rigdon 1743-1820   Alexander Rigdon c.1808-?   Allen Rigdon c.1842-?   Amanda Lutinsa Rigdon 1847-1913   Ann Rigdon 1731-1739   Ann Rigdon 1735-?   Ann Rigdon 1745-?   Ann Rigdon 1748-1825   Ann Rigdon 1750-?   Ann Rigdon 1783-1845   Anna Rigdon c.1824-?   Artillisa Rigdon 1843-1865   Athalia Rigdon 1821-aft.1900  

Rigdon: B
Baker Rigdon 1750-c.1820   Baker Jr. Rigdon c.1800-?   Bengemon Rigdon 1753-1828   Benjamin Rigdon 1821-?   Benjamin Jr. Rigdon 1806-1849  

Rigdon: C
Caroline Rigdon 1807-?   Caroline Rigdon 1823-?   Carvel Rigdon 1790-aft. 1850   Catharine Rigdon 1834-? Charles Rigdon 1704-Bef. 1754   Charles Rigdon c.1770-?   Charles Rigdon c.1786-?   Cordella Louisa Rigdon 1844-?  

Rigdon: D
David Alvin Rigdon 1850-?   David Baker Rigdon c.1815-aft.1851   David Baker Jr. Rigdon 1849-?  

Rigdon: E
Eliza Rigdon 1823-c.1842   Elizabeth Rigdon 1707-Bef. 1754   Elizabeth Rigdon #1 1740-?   Elizabeth Rigdon #2 1740-?   Elizabeth Rigdon c.1754-aft.1784   Elizabeth Rigdon c.1783-?   Elizabeth Rigdon 1785-1858   Elizabeth Rigdon 1808-?   Elizabeth Rigdon 1818-?   Ely Rigdon 1794-aft.1856   Emily E Rigdon 1844-?   Enoch Rigdon 1724-c.1765   Ephraim R. Rigdon c.1842-?   Eveline Rigdon 1824-1900  

Rigdon: F
Fidelia Adaline Rigdon 1853-?   Francis Dunlevy Rigdon 1819-aft.1860   Francis Marion Rigdon c.1803-c.1881   Francis Marion (Frank) Rigdon 1846-?   Franklin Rigdon 1827-?  

Rigdon: G
Genevive Aurelea Rigdon 1862-?   George Rigdon c.1683-1761   George Rigdon 1753-?   George Benjamin Rigdon 1848-?   George Gamaliel Rigdon 1850-1927   George Harvey Rigdon 1848-?   George III Rigdon 1736-?   George Jr. Rigdon 1710-aft.1754   Grafton Baker Rigdon 1806-1873  

Rigdon: H
Hannah Rigdon 1802-?   Hannah Rigdon c.1848-?   Hannah L Rigdon c.1787-?   Harrison Rigdon 1812-aft.1837   Hester "Hetty" Rigdon 1799-1850   Hortensia Rigdon c.1838-?   Howard Rigdon c.1824-aft.1842  

Rigdon: J
James Rigdon 1759-1835   James Rigdon c.1783-??? James Rigdon c.1785-?   James Rigdon c.1827-?   James B. Rigdon c.1817-aft.1850   James S. Rigdon 1834-?   Jane Rigdon c.1849-?   Jean Rigdon c.1801-?   Joel Luther Rigdon 1843-?   John Rigdon 1716-1766   John Rigdon 1796-1859   John Rigdon 1837-?   John 1 Rigdon 1744-c.1755   John 2 Rigdon 1757-?   John Andrew Rigdon 1816-aft.1858   John Bell Rigdon 1838-?   John Forwood Rigdon 1800-aft.1828   John Porter Rigdon 1812-1873   John W. Rigdon c.1830-1834   John Wickliffe Rigdon 1830-1912   Joseph Rigdon c.1837-?   Josephine Ellenor Rigdon 1875-?  

Rigdon: L
Lacy Rigdon 1795-1827   Lacy Rigdon 1804-?   Lacy Rigdon c.1821-?   Lacy A. Rigdon c.1823-?   Lacy Ann Rigdon c.1828-1877   Leah Rigdon 1791-1838   Loammi Rigdon 1791-1865   Loammi Rigdon 1810-?   Loammi Rigdon c.1828-?   Loammi Rigdon c.1836-aft.1850   Loammi Shields Rigdon c. 1843   Louisa Rigdon c.1833-aft.1850  

Rigdon: M
Maranda Deflora Rigdon1813-?   Margaret Rigdon 1753-?   Margaret Rigdon 1756-aft.1797   Maria Rigdon 1804-?   Maria Jane Rigdon 1831-?   Martha Ann Rigdon c. 1810-?   Mary Rigdon 1748-?   Mary Rigdon 1756-?   Mary Rigdon c.1791-?   Mary Rigdon1817-?   Mary Rigdon1820-aft.1837   Mary F. Rigdon c.1856-?   Mary Jane Rigdon 1849-?   Micajah K Rigdon 1844-1911  

Rigdon: N
Nancy Rigdon c.1828-aft.1850   Nancy G. Rigdon 1822-1887   Nancy Lacey Rigdon 1821-aft.1850  

Rigdon: P
Phebe Dorcus Rigdon 1836-aft.1864   Phebe Ellen Rigdon 1840-?   Pricilla Rigdon c.1792-?  

Rigdon: R
Ralph W. Rigdon 1863-?   Rebecca Rigdon 1798-1876   Robert Rigdon c.1795-?   Robert Rigdon c.1841-?   Robert Amoss Rigdon 1825-aft.1852   Rufus Rigdon 1817-aft.1870   Ruth Rigdon 1755-?  

Rigdon: S
Samantha Rigdon c.1845-?   Samantha Ellen Rigdon 1853-?   Samuel Rigdon c.1846-?   Samuel Carvel Rigdon 1834-1835   Samuel Forwood Rigdon 1792-?   Sarah Rigdon c.1781-?   Sarah Rigdon c.1819-?   Sarah Rigdon c.1825-aft.1850   Sarah Rigdon c.1830-?   Sarah Rigdon c.1844-?   Sarah Ann Rigdon June 23, 1813   Sarah E. Rigdon c.1838-aft.1850   Serlina Page Rigdon 1826-?   Sidney A. Rigdon c.1829-?   Rev. Sidney S. Rigdon 1793-1876   Stephen Rigdon 1729-aft.1754   Stephen Rigdon 1749-1836   Stephen Rigdon c.1788-1844   Stephen Rigdon 1790-1836   Stephen Rigdon c.1812-?   Stephen Rigdon 1829-aft.1903   Susan M Rigdon 1854-?  

Rigdon: T
Telitha Rigdon c.1814-?   Thomas Rigdon 1789-1815   Thomas B. III Rigdon 1785-1838   Thomas B. Jr. Rigdon 1747-1819   Thomas Baker Rigdon 1713-1787   Thomas Baker Rigdon c.1788-?   Thomas E. Rigdon 1823 -1897   Thomas E. Rigdon c.1851-?   Thomas Jefferson Rigdon 1824-1854   Thomas R. Rigdon 1841-?  

Rigdon: W
William Rigdon 1718-c.1765   William Rigdon 1761-?   William Rigdon c.1785-aft.1828   William Rigdon c.1787-aft.1821   William Rigdon c.1820-?   William B. Rigdon c.1844-?   William Rigdon 1761-1810   William Jr. Rigdon c.1808-?   Winfield Taylor Rigdon 1849-1942  

R cont'd
Ephraim Robinson 1760-aft.1834 Ephraim Jr. Robinson 1800-? Fanny Robinson 1798-? George W. Robinson 1814-1878   Pamela Robinson 1795-? Polly Robinson 1793-? Rosanna Robinson 1795-? Samuel Robinson c.1730-? Samuel Robinson 1803-?

Indiana Scott c.1822-?   James F. Severin c.1830-?   John Sibley WFT Est. 1765-1802-? Alexander Thompson Simpson c.1820   Griffen A. Simpson c.1820-?   Harriet Slater c.1810-aft.1856   Dorcas Smith 1759-1838   Beavan Spain c.1705-aft.1834   Evelyn Speer 1862-? Maude Speer c.1864-? Samuel E. Speer c.1836-aft.1864   Lydia Morrow Spier c.1824-aft.1850

Sarah Thompson c.1714-aft.1740   Anna Townsend 1826-1892  

Mary Upham c.1770-aft.1814

Mary Y. Watters c.1825-aft.1848   Sarah Weeks c.1806-aft.1828   Martha Wiley c.1790-aft.1830   Earl Bradley Wingate c.1815-aft.1850   Nettie Wingate c.1850-?

Mary ________ c.1750-aft.1796   Sara ________ c.1758-aft.1801   Sarah _________ c.1822-aft.1850   Unnamed _________ c.1730-? Unnamed _________ c.838-?






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Records of Early Church Families
(Continued From page 166)

WILLIAM RIGDON, son of Thomas Baker4 Rigdon (George3, John2, Henry1) and Ann Lacy, was born in Harford County, Maryland, in the year 1748; and died in St. Clair Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 26 May, 1810, in the 62nd year of his age. According to an account printed in the Times and Seasons, at Nauvoo, May 1, 1843, presumably on the authority of Sidney Rigdon, Ann Lacy "was a native of Ireland, and emigrated to the city of Boston, Massachusetts, and was there married to Thomas Baker Rigdon."

William Rigdon was a farmer, and removed, probably with his parents, some time prior to his marriage, to the State of Pennsylvania, and continued to follow agricultural pursuits. On Feb. 10, 1785, 150 acres of land were granted Thomas Rigdon; and on Oct. 19, 1785, 358 3/8 acres were granted to William Rigdon, both grants in what was then Washington Co., Pennsylvania, but later Allegheny Co. In 1791, Thomas Rigdon and William Rigdon were taxed in Allegheny Co. (Pa. Archives, 3rd Series, XXII:598-599, 655.)

The will of William Rigdon, of St, Clair Township, Allegheny Co., Pa., dated May 22, 1810, and proved May 31, 1810, mentions his wife Nancy; children: Carvel, Sisney, Loammi (to be a physician), daughter Lacy, (all minors); lands adjoining Thomas Rigdon, etc.; wife and Joseph Phillips, Esq., executors; witnesses: Ebenezer Gallahar, Thomas Rigdon and David Philips.) Allegheny Co. Wills, Book 1, p. 300; Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pa., 7:228.)

The Rigdon family was in Maryland early. On March 26, 1684, Captain Richard Ladd, gent., of Calvert County, Md., made his will, bequeathing to his nephew John Rigden (son to his sister Ellen), then under 21 years of age; to his sister Ellen Rigden 100 acres called "Ladd's Desire;" to his brother John of Norwich; at the decease of his wife 600 acres called "Groome's Lott" to his nephew John Rigden, aforesaid. Overseers: Brother-in-law Henry Rigden, John Hume. (Baldwin: Maryland Calander of Wills IV:235.) This John Rigdon, son of Henry Rigdon and Ellen Ladd, married Ann, daughter of Ann Freeman (widow), "Of the Clifts," Calvert Co., who in her will dated October 29, 1700, mentions her daughter Ann Rigdon and son John Rigdon." (Ibid., II:214.) The will of John Rigdon, Prince George Co., Md., was dated December 16, 1706; and proved February 13, 1706-7. He gives "to son John (born 6th April, 1701) and heirs, his dwelling plantation, 600 acres called "Gromes Lott," 100 acres called "Ladd's


                RECORDS  OF  EARLY  CHURCH  FAMILIES                 157

Designe," and personalty. To his daughter Elizabeth (born about the last of August, 1699) he bequeaths personalty, including that which belonged to her mother. (Ibid., III:87.)

The will of George Rigdon, Sr., of Baltimore Co. (from which Hartford Co., was later taken) was dated 18 June, 1754, and proved July 16, 1755. He bequeaths to his wife Elizabeth, oldest son George Rigdon, second son THOMAS RIGDON, third son John Rigdon, fourth son William Rigdon, fifth son Enoch Rigdon, sixth son Stephen Rigdon. (Baltimore Co. Wills 29:469.) This George Rigdon witnessed a will in Baltimore Co., Md., in 1728.

NANCY GALLAGHER or GALLAHER, wife of William Rigdon, was the eldest daughter of Bryant Gallaher (a native of Ireland) and his second wife, Elizabeth Reid. She was born in Lower Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey, March 16, 1759; and died in Nauvoo, Illinois, October 3, 1839, age 80. She removed from New Jersey with her family to Pennsylvania prior to 1785. On September 14, 1835, she was at Kirtland, Ohio, and received a patriarchal blessing from Joseph Smith, Sr., in which he said, "Sister, thou art an aged woman, and in thy old age thou hast obeyed the Gospel. Thou hast been blessed with a family and thou hast been faithful in bringing them up." (Patriarchal Blessings, Book 2, Page 61.) On November 18, 1838, this courageous woman was at the trial of the Prophet and Sidney Rigdon, her son-in-law George W. Robinson, and others, in Richmond, Mo., volunteering to give evidence for the defense. Others who had previously offered, upwards of fifty, had been arrested and thrown into jail. She and six others were sworn, but were prevented by threats from giving helpful testimony. (Doc. History of the Church, III:211.)

Elizabeth Reid, mother of Nancy Gallagher Rigdon, was of Scotch descent. Her grandfather, James Reid, was a brother of John Reid who was appointed Surveyor General of New Jersey in 1702, and who left in a writing that is still preserved, this account of his origin and family" "At Niddrew (Niddry) Castle in the parish of Kirkliston I was born the 13th of February 1655-6, and there baptized where my father was Gard'ner and before him my Grandfather. I was put to school near nine years old when my Father died 9br 1663. The January after I bound myself to arrive of age to a printer of Edinburgh 1677-8. Mr. died before my time expired and with my small stock I returned 9br 1673 to my mother who had then married again...." He sailed with his wife and children for America, August 28, 1783. He lived at Amboy, N. J. until 1687, when he settled at Freehold, N. J. (Bartow Genealogy, pp. 245-246.)

His brother James either accompanied him or came shortly afterward. On May 3, 1687 Anna, daughter of Robert Mill of Edinburgh deeded land to James Reid of Amboy. On 24 ----,


158                            UTAH  GENEALOGICAL  MAGAZINE                           

1690, James Reid of Monmouth Co., deeded 60 acres granted him by patent March 29, 1689. His land in Freehold adjoined that of John Reid; and on May 9, 1690, John Reid of Monmouth Co., deeded a lot to his brother James of the same county. (N. J. Archives, 21:173, 189, 194.) Administration of the estate of James Reid of Freehold, Monmouth Co., was granted to John Reid, October 22, 1711. (Ibid., 23:380.) James had at least two sons, John and Samuel. In 1717 John Reid of Freehold is called an inn-holder in a deed, (Salter, History of Monmouth Co., p. xlviii.)

The will of John Reed, Sr., of Freehold, Monmouth Co., N. J., dated Sept. 24, 1762; proved Oct. 27, 1770, mentions his wife Anna, his three daughters Elizabeth, Isabella and Jane, also a daughter Anna, deceased, and sons John and James. (N. J. Archives 33:345.) These sons were born in 1723 and 1728, respectively, so it is probable that Elizabeth, mother of Nancy Gallagher Rigdon, was born about 1730.

    Children of William Rigdon and Nancy Gallagher
(Born St. Clair Tp., Allegheny Co., Pa.)

i. CARVEL RIGDON, b. abt. 1790. On 23 Jan., 1835, Carvel Rigdon wrote from Allegheny Co., Pa., where he was evidently preaching: "I addressed a considerable congregation." He was then in company with Brother Samuel James. (Messenger and Advocate 1:76) He married and left issue.

SIDNEY S. RIGDON, b. 19 Feb., 1793; d. 14 July, 1786, Friendship, Allegany Co., N. Y., md. 12 June, 1820, Phebe Brooks.

LOAMMI RIGDON, b. abt. 1796; md. and had one son, who died years ago.

LACY RIGDON, b. abt. 1799.

SIDNEY S. RIGDON, son of William5 Rigdon (Thomas4 George3, John2, Henry1) and Nancy Gallagher, daughter of Bryant Gallagher and Elizabeth3 Reid (John2, James1). was norn 19 February, 1793, in St. Clair Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; and died 14 July, 1876, in Friendship, Allegany County, New York. Sidney followed the occupation of farming with his parents until he was twenty-six. At this time he joined the regular Baptist Church, and received a license to preach in March, 1819. In May he went to Warren, Trumbull County. Ohio, and in July began to reside with Adamson Bentley, the Baptist minister. Here he became acquainted with Phebe Brooks, the sister of Mr. Bentley's wife, and he was married to her, June 12, 1820. In November, 1821, he was called to the pastorate of the First Baptist Church of the city of Pittsburgh; and he removed there from Warren in February, 1822. By his incessant labors and eloquent preaching he soon had the church crowded with anxious listeners, membership rapidly increased, and it shortly became one of the most respectable churches in that city. He was now a popular minister, much respected and sought after.

But his mind became troubled and perplexed, for he was convinced


                RECORDS  OF  EARLY  CHURCH  FAMILIES                 159

that the doctrines of the Baptist society were not altogether in accordance with the scriptures. Notwithstanding his great ministerial success, and the prospect of wealth, popularity and honor, he conscientiously resigned his pastorate and withdrew from the church. With his wife's brother, Richard Brooks, he operated a small tannery, in which he worked for two years. During this time he was closely associated with Alexander Campbell and Walter Scott, and was on terms of the greatest friendship with them. These three often met and discussed the subject of religion, the need for a reformation among the churches and a revision of their creeds; and from these consultations ultimately came to the organization of the church of the "Disciples" or "Campbellites."

In 1826 he went to Bainbridge, Geauga Co., Ohio, where he resumed preaching, expounding the Campbellite doctrine. Remarkable success attended his efforts, and the fame of his eloquence and reasoning powers spread far and wide. After a year he removed to Mentor, where, despite considerable persecution, he continued to flourish, converting and baptizing multitudes, and organizing congregations in all the country round about. Among his converts were Parley P. Pratt, Edward Partridge, and Newel K. Whitney.

He was at the summit of his fame and popularity as a Campbellite preacher, a welcome visitor wherever he went, his society being courted by the learned and intelligent, and his temporal prospects bright, when one day in the fall of 1830, Elder Parley P. Pratt presented him with a Book of Mormon, and related the history of its coming forth. Sidney Rigdon entertained the Elders hospitality, and promised to read the book carefully. After thorough study, prayer and meditation, he was convinced of its truth. Both he and his wife were baptized November 14, 1830. Many of his flock were likewise converted; within three weeks the Elders had baptized 127 in Kirtland and vicinity.

His career in the Church is well known. He proved an ardent missionary, and become secretary and close associate of the Prophet. In August, 1831, he dedicated the Land of Zion in Jackson Co., Missouri, for the gathering of the Saints, and wrote a description of it. He was with the Prophet on February 16, 1832, when the remarkable revelation, Section 76, known as "The Vision," was given. He assisted the Prophet in making an inspired translation of the Scriptures; and with him was tarred and feathered by a wicked mob in Hiram, Ohio. On March 18, 1833, he was set apart under the hands of the Prophet as his First Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church. He was prominent in all the affairs of Kirtland, and delivered a powerful discourse on the occasion of the dedication of the Kirtland Temple. Obliged to flee in January, 1838, from angry apostates in Kirtland, he arrived with his family in Far West, April 4, 1838. On July 4, he delivered there


160                            UTAH  GENEALOGICAL  MAGAZINE                           

an oration which aroused bitter antagonism among enemies of the Church. With the Prophet and other leaders he was betrayed by Col. Hinkle, October 31, 1838; and was imprisoned in Liberty Jail until his release in February, 1839. Escaping into Illinois he took an active part in founding Nauvoo, where he passed through sickness and much suffering. He served on the City Council and as Postmaster. Early in 1844 he left Nauvoo for Pittsburgh. While there he learned of the tragedy of the martyrdom of the Prophet, and hastened back to Nauvoo to lay claim to the leadership of the Church and to act as guardian. At the memorable meeting of August 8, 1844, his claim was rejected by the people. He then returned to Pittsburgh. On September 8, 1844, he was formally tried and excommunicated from the Church.

In 1847 he removed to Friendship, Allegany County, N. Y., where he lived with his son-in-law, Earl B. Wingate. Thereafter he took no active interest in any religious body, according to the testimony of his grandson, Sidney R. Ellis, but contented himself around the little town, and never but once after locating there was he known to go more than five or six miles away. "During the last six or seven years of his life he wrote a great deal, daily using from seven to nine pages of foolscap paper; but as to the subject matter no one knew anything, as at his death all the manuscripts were burned, the family not considering them of any real worth; today they regret their haste in thus destroying them." (Letter of Arthur F. Barnes, Deseret Evening News, May 27, 1896.)

In 1900 his son John W. Rigdon visited Utah. He said his father's heart "was with the Mormon Church, and he would never permit a man to speak disrespectfully of the Church in his presence." (Journal History, May 19, 1900, p. 1.) A grandson, Sidney R. Ellis, in 1887, while in Salt Lake City, was pleased to find "that there was not only an appreciation of the good he (Sidney Rigdon) accomplished while in the plenitude of his powers and fellowship but a kindly personal remembrance of him... Although he separated from the body of the Church he never became identified with any other religious community. In the town in which he resided he was in the habit, hiowever, of delivering discourses on general subjects, and as a rule drew large audiences." (Deseret Evening News, October 4, 1887.)

PHEBE BROOKS, wife of Sidney Rigdon, was the daughter of Jeremiah Brooks (Timothy5, Timothy4, Timothy3, Timothy2, Henry1) and Dorcas Smith. She was born May 3, 1800 at Bridgeton, Cumberland County, New Jersey; and died in 1866 in Friendship, Allegany County, New York. Her father, a farmer in Hopewell, removed to Warren, Ohio, in 1810. He died there, February 3, 1834. (Timothy Brooks and His Descendants, p. 17.) She was baptized, November 14, 1830, along with her husband; and received


                RECORDS  OF  EARLY  CHURCH  FAMILIES                 161

a patriarchal blessing at the hands of Joseph Smith, Sr., September 14, 1835, in which she was commended for obeying the truth.

    Children of Sidney S. Rigdon and Phebe Brooks

i. ATHALIA RIGDON, b. 1821, Warren, Trumbull Co., Ohio: living in 1900 in Friendship, Allegany Co., N. Y.; md. 13 April, 1837, in Kirtland, Ohio, George W. Robinson.

NANCY RIGDON, b. 8 Dec., 1822, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pa.; d. there 1 Nov., 1887; md. 13 Sept., 1846, Robert Ellis.

PHEBE RIGDON, b. abt. 1824, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pa.; md. Samuel Speer, and had two children.

SARAH RIGDON, b. abt. 1826; md. Earl Bradley Wingate, and had one child, Nettie Wingate.

LACY ANN RIGDON, b. abt. 1828, Mentor, Lake Co., Ohio; d. 15 Apr., 1877; md. Jeremiah Hatch, and had three boys, Edward, Charles and Clarence Hatch. Edward Hatch became Judge of the Supreme Court of New York.

JOHN WICLIFFE RIGDON, b. 14 June, 1830, Mentor, Lake Co., Ohio; d. 5 Apr., 1912, Salt Lake City, Utah; md. 12 Dec., 1861, Sophia Jane Cole.

EPHRAIM RIGDON, b. abt. 1832, Lake Co., Ohio. No children.

SAMUEL CARVEL RIGDON, b. 29 Dec., 1834, Kirtland, Lake Co., Ohio; d. 16 Jan., 1835, aged 2 weeks, 4 days. (Messenger and Advocate, vol 1, p, 62.)

SIDNEY RIGDON, JR., b. abt. 1836, Kirtland, Lake Co., Ohio. Had two children.

ELIZA RIGDON, mentioned in Journal History of the Church, Aug. 21, 1842, when Sidney Rigdon publicly declared that "his daughter Eliza was dead. The Doctor told him she was gone; when after a considerable length of time, she rose up in her bed and delivered a message" to her sister Nancy, her sister Sarah, and to Geirge W. Robinson..

ROBERT ELLIS, son of Robert Ellis and Eliza Clarke, was born October 4, 1823; and died December 14, 1893, at Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. He married, September 13, 1846, Nancy Rigdon.

NANCY RIGDON, daughter of Sidney S.6 Rigdon (William5, Thomas Baker4, George3, John2, Henry1) and Phebe7 Brooks (Jeremiah6, Timothy5, Timothy4, Timothy3, Timothy2, Henry1), was born December 8, 1822, at Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; and died there November 1, 1887. (Her son, Samuel M. Ellis of Pittsburgh, has kindly supplied information on this and the family of John W. Rigdon, below, and also on that of Sidney S. Rigdon, above.)

    Children of Robert Ellis and Nancy Rigdon
(Most of them born at Pittsburgh, Pa.)

i. MARGARET ALLEN ELLIS, b. 15 Aug., 1847; d. 27 Oct., 1928, Los Angeles, Calif.; md. 2 Sept., 1874, Henry Forrest. Two children.

PHOEBE ELIZA BROOKS ELLIS, b. 10 Mar., 1849; d. 31 Oct., 1923, Mars, Butler Co., Pa.; md. 31 Oct., 1880, John Balfour Chalmers.

ELVA VIOLA ELLIS, b. 11 Oct., 1851, Friendship, Allegany Co., N. Y; d. 28 Dec., 1928, unmarried.

FRANK GLENTHORN ELLIS, b. 12 Feb., 1855, no residing at Ingram, Allegheny Co., Pa; md. 7 Aug., 1881, Pamela Shannon Beck. Seven children.

ROBERT SIDNEY ELLIS, b. 11 Jan., 1857; d. 30 Aug., 1927; md 1st, Eva


162                            UTAH  GENEALOGICAL  MAGAZINE                           

Byron; md. 2nd, ___________ For fifty years he was a theatrical manager, under the name of Sidney R. Ellis.

SAMUEL MARSHALL ELLIS, b. 2 Dec., 1858; resides at 184 Superior St., Emsworth, Pittsburgh, Pa.; md. 1st, 24th Oct. 1889, Mary Ann Hagan; md. 2nd, 26 Jan., 1898, Margaret Jane Jones. One son, by the first wife, died age seven months. In his younger days he was associated with the well known "FRANCIS MURPHY" as organist and song leader at the great Murphy meetings.

CHARLES COLVIN ELLIS, b. 11 Oct., 1862; d. 7 Aug., 1866.

JOHN CLARKE ELLIS, b. 19 May, 1865, d. 3 Nov., 1934; md. Susan McKeigheney. No children. He was the originator qhen Directorof Americanization, of the rent system now used by the Department of Labor at Washington, D. C. He removed from New London, Conn., to Miami, Florida, where he took up writing, and was widely known as "FARMER JOHN." He was baptized into the Church in Miami, Florida, 5 Mar., 1933; being later ordained an Elder; and died a faithful Latter-day Saint.

SARAH WINGATE ELLIS, (twin) b. 19 May, 1865, d. 10 Aug., 1916, McKeesport, Pa.; md. Frank Burns Carothers, 18 Oct., 1893. Four children.

JEREMIAH HATCH, son of Jeremiah6 Hatch (Nathaniel5, John4, Benjamin3, Jonathan2, Thomas1) and Elizabeth Haight, was born January 2, 1819, South Bristol, Addison County, Vermont; and died December 21, 1862. He married Lacy Ann Rigdon.

LACY ANN RIGDON, daughter of Sidney S. Rigdon and Phebe Brooks, was born about 1828, at Mentor, Lake County, Ohio; and died April 15, 1877.

    Children of Jeremiah Hatch and Lacy Ann Rigdon

i. CLARENCE BOAZ HATCH, b. 16 Jan., 1848, near Cuba, Allegany Co., N. Y.; d. 30 Sept., 1880; md. Augusta G. Atherton, and had a daughter Lucy Adelaide Hatch.

EDWARD WINGATE HATCH, b. 26 Nov., 1852, Friendship, Allegany Co., N. Y.; d. 1924; md. Helen W. ________. Judge of the Supreme Court of New York.

CHARLES SHELDON HATCH, b. 15 July, 1854, Friendship, Allegany Co., N. Y.; d. Aug., 1910; md. in 1892, Caroline Haight. Four children: Lacy, Charles H., Alpha and Phelps Sumner Hatch.

JOHN WICLIFFE RIGDON, son of Sidney S. Rigdon and Phebe Brooks, was born June 14, 1830, at Mentor, Lake County, Ohio; and died in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 5, 1912. He was baptized into the Church, September 8, 1904. He married, December 12, 1861, Sophia Jane Cole.

SOPHIA JANE COLE was born in Cuba, Allegany Co., New York, October 5, 1841; and died March 23, 1916, at Parlier, Fresno County, California.

    Children of John Wickliffe Rigdon and Sophia Jane Cole
(Born at Cuba, N. Y.)

i. GENEVIEVE AURELIA RIGDON, b. 12 Nov., 1862, d. 5 Feb., 1920, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; md. 7 June 1896, George Edward Secord.

RALPH WICLIFFE RIGDON, b. 27 Nov., 1863; unmarried; living.

JOSEPHINE ELLENOR RIGDON, b. 27 Aug., 1875; living in Buffalo, N. Y.; md. 30 Apr., 1900, Arthur R. Secord.

(To Be Continued)



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